The F-Word: Tackling Performance Feedback Webinar

Download the webinar recording here.

FEEDBACK. It’s a tough one for HR, managers, and employees to deal with effectively and is often feared and avoided as if it were a bad word.  So why is feedback so critical? Why is feedback so challenging and how can employees and managers embrace feedback in their day-to-day activities?

Making the most of feedback requires a clear understanding of why feedback is essential, why it is often mishandled, what opportunities exist and how you can use fresh & modern approaches to bring a tired performance-management process back to life and unleash the power of the F-Word.

During this webinar, a panel of experts provided leading-edge insight into:

  • The overlooked importance of ongoing performance feedback
  • The challenges HR, Managers, and Employees face getting, giving, using,  and managing feedback
  • How continuous feedback is shaking up traditional performance reviews
  • Creating a feedback-centric culture

Sponsored by CRG emPerform, the webinar features panelists Marnie Green (Management Education Group), William Tincup (Tincup& Co.), and Elisabeth Lecavalier (Forensic Technology) as they share their insights into the F-Word.

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