Performance Conversations: A Key Piece to the Cycle

The performance management cycle is the ongoing process of setting clear expectations, providing ongoing feedback, documenting performance, and summarizing all of it in a regular performance evaluation document.

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While clear expectations, documentation, and the evaluation are all critical parts of the process, performance conversations will have the greatest impact on the employee’s performance. Frequent conversations about performance accomplish the following:

• Clarify the organization’s mission and vision
• Reinforce performance that is on target
• Redirect performance that is off the mark
• Bolster the employee’s confidence
• Boost morale
• Create a sense of connection for the employee
• Enhance levels of engagement

The performance management cycle will vary from organization to organization. Your Human Resources department is the best source to help you understand your organization’s expectations and processes. Regardless of the system used by your organization, performance conversations will be the tool you most rely upon to influence, guide, and support your employees on a day-to-day basis. Get good at the conversations and the rest of the cycle is easy to master.

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