5 Steps to Improve Performance Expectations

It’s a common managerial dilemma. You ask an employee to do something that seems simple to you. And, what you get is not what you expected. For whatever reason, the employee did not complete the job to your standards. Usually, this frustrating experience happens when you have not made your expectations clear. You expected one thing and got something else.   Here are five tools that can help you communicate your expectations clearly the first time.

Success Criteria ‘“ Before you turn the employee loose on the task, say this to the employee: ‘This project/task/job will be successful if (fill in the blank).’ By articulating this one idea, you are able to clarify the end results you envision, which increases the likelihood that the employee will see the same end result.

Read the entire article here: http://www.careersingovernment.com/tools/gov-talk/about-gov/public-sector-trends/5-steps-to-improve-performance-expectations/#sthash.shHuDtJ3.dpuf

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