Five Stars for Painless Performance Conversations

Writing a book is a scary experience. You put yourself out there, share what’s in your head, and allow for unfiltered feedback.  If you think about it too much, like Painless Performance Conversations themselves, it can get a little intimidating.  Positive reinforcement helps and I’m grateful for the positive feedback we’ve been receiving on the new book. Here’s what readers are saying on

Painless read, painlessly practical  

There’s so much to say about this book – first, don’t be fooled by the easy read, it is packed with practical advice and easy-to-use tools. Second, there wasn’t one part that wasn’t applicable to my work, I could fit into any “from the field” example and/or case study. Third, and finally, I am in the midst of conducting performance evaluations with my team of directors and will literally begin using these tools tomorrow. Thank you Marnie!! – Cheryl

Straightforward instructions for dealing with employees  

Easy to understand and a quick read. It has non-threatening ways to get the most out of employees. Bought additional copies for all my managers. – Bill

Easy to read, understand and implement

Marnie Green’s experience and eloquence is unquestionable. This is a highly practical book packed full of tips, tools and techniques that when followed would make even the most frightening of performance evaluations painless. I would strongly recommend this book to any manager who dreads the thought of performance evaluations. – Rod

How Most Supervisors Could Improve their Evaluation of Employees

Marnie’s book is a guide for busy supervisors who can’t seem to get it together enough to have sometimes difficult conversations with employees whose performance needs to “improve immediately.” She helps put in perspective that “judging” an employee’s performance is gut feel backed by examples and evidence where improvement could have been demonstrated if the employee took the mission of the organization seriously. This book is a great building block on her earlier work Painless Performance Evaluations. ‘“ Amazon Customer

Helps make a difficult task a bit easier
 PPC Book Cover
I sometimes think the negative feedback part of being a manager is a bit like being an executioner. If you like it, you are a sociopath and in the wrong job. If you do it well it is painless and effective. If you do it badly, you cause a whole heap of trauma and can make a bad situation even worse. A big problem is that a lot of books that purport to help with this task just give you a lot of “don’t”s, which anyone with sense and sensitivity can figure out by themselves. This book by contrast has a lot of “do’s” – many scripts which cover a lot of situations, all of which are aimed at delivering the necessary message in such a way that is helpful to the recipient and won’t shut them down or confuse them more. I manage a large group with several levels, I’ve shared it widely, and it is frequently referred to. It actually helps both ways – those that have to deliver negative feedback love it because it helps them do an unpleasant task more successfully, and those that need need negative feedback are actually more receptive to it after reading this book. – JJ

Painless Performance Conversations
Marnie’s latest book on performance management is by far one of the most practical and cohesive books I have read. As a training facilitator and leadership coach, I know how difficult performance conversations can be for managers, even those experienced as a leader for many years. And, even if they know what they are “supposed to do”, it can still be challenging. Marnie’s book offers examples and logical steps that encourage tangible actions and methods of communicating to ease the fears and create pathways for conversations. Excellent guide for any and all managers. ‘“ V Grove

Good Read  

A very practical and useful book for laying the foundation for manager/report relationships as well as for preparing for and conducting performance reviews. I’d recommend it to any manager. – Todd
Watch our book trailer and preview chapter 1 on our Painless Performance Conversations Resources page!

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