Thirty Minutes to Better Employee Relations


Do you spend considerable time:

– putting out fires?
– chatting with staff who drop in?
– attending long staff meetings that seem to go round and round?
– wondering why you never have enough time?

There is a simple management tool that will create more time, build trust, enhance communication and, improve performance. And it only takes 30 minutes each week.

A weekly one-to-one meeting with your employee will allow you to:

– boost communication and trust in the workplace
– reduce the number of unscheduled interruptions throughout the week
– communicate, provide feedback, coach, and delegate on a regular basis
– listen and respond to individual needs
– influence performance incrementally rather than dumping issues on the employee all at once

Your weekly one-to-ones with employees don’t have to be elaborate productions. Use the first fifteen minutes for the employee to share what’s on their mind. This usually includes updates on projects and a discussion of issues they are facing. Your job as the manager is to listen, ask questions, and learn. The remaining fifteen minutes allows you to share feedback, offer resources, and to recognize the employee’s progress. In fact, you may not even need the full 30 minutes.

Remember, one-to-one meetings can be held face to face, via telephone, or video conference. They can easily be re-scheduled and should be rescheduled when the inevitable conflict arises. They are easy to begin and cost nothing to continue. A regularly scheduled touch-base with your employee indicates to them that their work is valued, and it allows you to make sure you are getting the performance you expect. If you aren’t consistently having one-to-one meetings with your employees to drive results, you should. This is the easiest, most effective tool you’ll ever use.

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