Painless Performance Evaluations: It’s Time to Rip-Off the Band-Aid

  • Do you dread facilitating performance evaluations?
  • Is completing your organization’s evaluation form a nightmare?
  • Ever wonder what it takes to get your employees to “go the extra mile?”

Performance evaluations don’t have to be painful. With a plan and a few simple tools, every manager or supervisor can use the practice of performance management to multiply results.

During this recorded webinar we discuss how you can rip-off the Band-Aid of ineffective performance reviews. You’ll learn:

  • 4 simple tips for taking the pain out of performance evaluations
  • Latest research on performance evaluations
  • An easy tool for engaging employees in performance evaluations
  • A structure for delivering performance improvement messages without drama
  • The secret to making performance evaluation meetings meaningful and productive

Based on the webinar series ‘Painless Performance Evaluations‘ and best-selling book, author and speaker, Marnie Green delivers practical and easy-to-implement changes that your organization can implement to achieve painless and effective performance management. Watch for the full 6 webinar recorded series later this year.

Thank you to our partners at emPerform for making this webinar possible.
View the webinar below or on the emPerform website:


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