Painless Performance Conversations Training System

How do leaders learn to manage employee performance?

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Unless you provide your leaders with opportunities to build these critical skills, they may struggle to impact employees in a positive way. The supervisors and managers in your organization are the ultimate performance managers. They are responsible for setting expectations for employees. They have the day-to-day conversations that inspire behavior. They create a culture of high performance or an environment of “let’s just get by.”

The Painless Performance Conversations Training System gives you exclusive access to all the tools you need to deliver this critical training within your organization, and inspire high levels of employee performance.

You’ll have access to comprehensive facilitator materials, participant workbooks, PowerPoint slides, and demonstration videos, all organized to make delivering Painless Performance Conversations workshops a breeze.

Call us now to discuss how you can bring this powerful training system to your organization and begin to create a culture where your employees are inspired, engaged, and committed to your organization’s mission.

Don’t forget you can supplement participant learning by using the Painless Performance Conversations Webinar Series with the training system.

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