The Path to Performance Management Perfection

Wouldn’t it be cool to work at a place where performance was valued? Where it wasn’t weird to ask for feedback and it wasn’t awkward to receive it?
The performance-driven workplace is one where:

  • Success is clearly defined
  • Managers make it a priority to develop employees
  • Employees openly seek feedback
  • Exceptional performance is recognized
  • Poor performance is addressed immediately
  • Performance conversations and performance evaluations are painless.

Sounds like bliss, right? So how does a workplace become performance-driven? The path is sometimes unclear and it’s easy to lose your way.
Here’s a simple roadmap to help guide your journey toward performance-driven:

  1. Define your purpose and your process. It’s important to know why you manage performance and what you intend to accomplish through the process. Is your performance management process intended to recognize and reward employees? To develop skills? To clarify and reinforce expectations? Our consulting process has helped hundreds of organizations answer these questions. Once your purpose and process is clear, you can move on to shifting the culture.
  1. Train managers to manage painlessly. Becoming performance-driven requires managers to have a set of fundamental skills. A simple way to begin developing the skills of your managers is to share the Painless Performance Evaluations Webinar Series with your team. These six recordings present the critical skills leaders need to manage performance. From setting clear expectations to maintaining documentation, and from writing a performance evaluation to leading a performance evaluation meeting, the series offers practical tools every manager needs. Our clients have found success by viewing each webinar as a team and then using the discussion guides to foster conversation about the ideas presented.
  1. Focus on the conversations. Once finished with the Painless Performance Evaluations Webinar Series, your team will be equipped with the basics of performance management. They may, however, still benefit from polishing their conversation skills. The Painless Performance Conversations Webinar Series is the perfect follow up to the first series and introduces the critical mind-sets for leading the tough workplace conversations. The series also comes with discussion guides that provide questions and activities for reinforcing what is presented in each recording.
  1. Embed “painless” into your culture. Webinar recordings are a simple and cost-effective way to start the conversation. To see lasting change and a cultural shift, consider implementing the Painless Performance Management Training Systems. You likely have opportunities to insert discussions about performance management throughout your organization. In supervisory workshops, lunch and learn events, online training, and annual training events, you can embed the principles of Painless Performance Management throughout your organization. Contact us to discuss how you can gain access to detailed facilitator guides, demonstration videos, PowerPoint slides, and more.

Shifting your organization’s culture to one that values and supports high levels of performance doesn’t have to be a bewildering challenge. We’ve done it and would love to share the tools with you. Call or email today to discuss how we can help you down the path.


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