Painless Performance Evaluations Training System

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Help leaders accurately evaluate employee performance!

Performance evaluations can be one of the most powerful tools your organization uses to influence individual performance and organizational culture. The process of performance management directs employee efforts towards the most important priorities and allows managers to engage employees in a very personal and meaningful way.

Unfortunately, many organizations have not embraced the full potential of performance management and supervisors and managers have learned to sidestep the task of managing performance. Dreaded and sometimes avoided, performance appraisals are only as meaningful as the supervisor makes them. The Painless Performance Evaluations Training System provides you with the resources to support the development of your organization’s supervisors and managers. As a result, they will be able to positively influence employee performance and organizational culture.

As a facilitator of the Painless Performance Evaluations workshop, you will guide your organization’s supervisors and managers with an approach to performance evaluation that has proven to build a collaborative culture. By leading this workshop, you will have the opportunity to build confidence, shift perspectives, and develop sound practices that will contribute to building a performance-driven work environment.

The Painless Performance Evaluations Training System gives you exclusive access to all the tools you need to deliver this critical training within your organization, and inspire high levels of employee performance.

You’ll have access to comprehensive facilitator materials, participant workbooks, PowerPoint slides, application and reflection guide, templates and a book discussion guide, all organized to make delivering Painless Performance Evaluations workshops a breeze.

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Don’t forget you can supplement participant learning by using the Painless Performance Evaluations Webinar Series with the training system.

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