It’s not goodbye…it’s see you later

View More: you to those who have subscribed to E-Tips, read the blog, and supported my work over the years. It is with a mix of sadness and excitement that I write this very last edition/post. E-Tips has been published consistently every month since December 2005. I’m grateful that you have allowed me into your in-box and have been so receptive to these ideas. After 30 years serving public sector leaders, I’m planning to spend the near future focusing on family and new pursuits.

While this is the end of E-Tips and my blog posts, it’s not the end of my work. After some time away to reflect and recharge, I will likely redefine my contribution to the development of leaders. So, it’s not goodbye…more like, “see you later.”

While I’ll no longer be taking on training or consulting assignments, please know that I will continue to cheer you on. Being a manager in a public agency is a unique challenge and you deserve special recognition for taking on the job. It’s been an honor to focus my work on your world.

All the best,
Marnie E. Green, CSP, IPMA-CP
Principal Consultant



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