Providing  Expert Consultation in Performance Evaluation System Design and Implementation

Here’s the good news: The performance evaluation can be a positive and enriching experience for managers, employees, and the agency. A well-crafted performance evaluation system that is implemented with careful thought can transform an organization into one that is performance-driven and outcome-focused.

Management Education Group, Inc. can help your organization design a customized employee performance evaluation system that:

  • Clearly establishes performance expectations for employees
  • Links employee performance to overall organizational objectives
  • Encourages frequent dialogue about performance between managers and employees
  • Allows for recognition of top performers



Our collaborative Performance Evaluation System design process includes:

In addition to the services defined within this process, we also offer the following consulting services related to your performance management system:

  • Facilitate the development behaviorally-based competency models which then become the basis for your performance management system.
  • Assist you in selecting and implementing performance management software to automate your system
  • Conduct individual or small group coaching with managers to assist them with their performance management practices or challenges
  • Evaluate your current performance management system and provide recommendations for system enhancements that you could implement on your own
  • Provide customized performance management training (in person or web-based) that reflects and supports your organization’s approach and system.

We understand public sector environments and the public service mindset

We specialize in your unique workplace challenges and can build a system for your organization that takes into account the needs of those you employ. With the right tools and strategies your workforce is guaranteed to excel.

To discuss how to establish or improve your organization’s Performance Management System, please contact Marnie Green at 480-705-9394 or