Author, speaker and management consultant Marnie Green guides you step-by-step toward tackling your toughest performance evaluations, painlessly with her complete Painless Performance Evaluations training system.

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Training your staff on the critical principles of performance evaluations has never been easier. The Painless Performance Evaluations Training System allows you to offer proven training content:

  • Without having to pay for a consultant’s travel and time
  • At the best time for you and your staff
  • At the locations that work best for you
  • Virtually or in person
  • Tailored to the unique issues facing your organization


This robust training system includes:

  • A detailed facilitator guide with options to deliver the Painless Performance Evaluations training in 6 modules
  • PowerPoint slides you can tailor to your unique needs
  • An Action Planning and Reflection Guide to support learning back on the job
  • A participant workbook that can be used to augment the Painless Performance Evaluations book
  • Painless Performance Evaluations planner template
  • Painless Performance Evaluations book discussion guide
  • Optional exercises which allow you to deliver training that meets your group’s unique learning needs

Look inside! See a detailed outline of the facilitator guide and workshop options.


You will receive access to all of this for an affordable price based on your number of participants.

The license to the Painless Performance Evaluations Training System gives you unlimited use of the materials for one year. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

With the Painless Performance Evaluations Training System, you receive unlimited access to all of the training materials for a period of one year. After one year you will have the opportunity to renew your license at a discounted rate.

A copy of the book Painless Performance Evaluations: A Practical Approach to Managing Day-to-Day Employee Performance is included for each participant under the license agreement. See the full terms and conditions here.


Now you can incorporate the Painless Performance Evaluations principles throughout your organization and boost the confidence of your managers who are struggling to address performance related issues. With this system you can supplement and support existing programs including:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Bolstered teamwork
  • Better employee morale
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Aligned individual efforts with organizational goals
  • Strengthened trust between employees and managers
  • Reduced conflicts that often result in performance reviews

As a supervisor or manager, you will:

  • Achieve your organizational objectives
  • Save time administering performance evaluations
  • Develop the skills and capability of your employees
  • See greater productivity with higher quality outcomes
  • Convey clear performance expectations for each employee


Contact us for more information about how the Painless Performance Evaluations Training System can support your organization’s management development efforts.

Look Inside!
Look Inside!
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