Painless Performance Evaluations: A Practical Approach to Managing Day-to-Day Employee Performance

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This step-by-step guide reflects 20 years training managers and supervisors
with a practical, positive approach to conducting performance evaluations and the duties associated with managing performance. Supervisors, managers, and executives across the world use the tools presented in the book to facilitate better employee communication, improve performance, and ensure better documentation of employee performance.


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“Easy, practical outline to streamline and create a positive evaluation experience for the manager and the employee … helps you conduct an evaluation with confidence, build employee respect, understand that the evaluation is not just on past work, but to plan for the future and help employees succeed. Well laid out and easy to use guide for anyone who performs employee performance evaluations.”
Michelle Dunn, columnist, author, credit expert

“Outlines an efficient and truly ‘painless’ evaluation process. This book not only gives good advice on writing evaluation comments, but also advice on how to effectively deliver evaluations.”
HR Specialist, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Green explains documentation, identifying issues, legal aspects of evaluations, as well as the difference between attitudes and behaviors. She also details the roles of supervisors, employees and Human Resources. Furthermore, Green gives pages of sample management tools that can be adapted to any business. She even encourages that employees participate in their own performance evaluations.”
Reader Views, Austin, Texas

“This book is amazing! It is an easy read and truly makes any Performance Evaluation process easy to handle.”
–M Andrews, Amazon review

“Marnie Green’s experience and eloquence is unquestionable. This is a highly practical book packed full of tips, tools and techniques that when followed would make even the most frightening of performance evaluations painless. I would strongly recommend this book to any manager who dreads the thought of performance evaluations.”
–Rod Matthews, Impact Human Performance Technologies, Sydney, Australia

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